You’re Just a Mind-Set Away – Why Decision Changes LIVES

Today’s Topic; You’re Just a Mind-Set Away Decision Changes LIVES … see post below


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You’re Just a Mind-Set Away – Why Decision Changes LIVES

Today, I’m going to share a blog post that a mentor of mine posted…
its called “One Decision Can Change your life forever”

(by Chris Elsom, 
see below)  I think it’s an amazing thing, you really are like what you hang around when you read the email I sent and the blog my mentor sent, notice the simalarities it makes me LOL Laugh Out Loud…

But..  First I want to share a email I sent out to my subscribers.
I generally don’t post emails on my blog.

I’m doing it now, because I’m confident that what I am about to share works,
and will help 100’s of newbie marketers desperately wanting and needing results

I’m confident, because System’s and methods Work when you work it it can, has and does work for me. A system and methods that work along with a “I’ve got to own it attitude” will bring you closer to the results you have been looking for!

I like what Paul J. Meyers once said “Success is not a destination, Success is the progressive realiztion of a worth-while, goal or dream.”

“It” The NUMBER ONE THING You Need CAN BE FOUND in the mental arsonal found between your ears Below is a copy of a email I sent out explaining — You are one mindset away from making a difference… Non-Stop to the Top


Hello reader,
Wow guys thanks you so much for the responce…

One reply even help me to notice a small glitch, one of my main adverts for our team rotator were going out without a url

LOL and we still have had opt-ins and sales
man i love it… 

Get Ready – Rotator Glitch
…Fixed & Reset… sure to Get Ready for, The Next Level

Below I’ve posted a copied of a email that
I think it will help a bunch of folks …to get it can read it below

if you replied and are still waiting
after 72 hr. email me again …please be patient with me
give me 24,  i will personaly get back to each and everyone of you

If you or your downline needs or asistance  
get me at


Hey there reader
I know you’re busy…
(Enjoying the Moment, I hope)

Do you have just a few seconds, to answer 1 quick question
I could really could use your help and I hope you respond

..I kinda of know that you joined my list, because you are
interested in making money online from anywhere.

That’s great! —Kiddios to ya and a Big High Five…




Reader, That’s A BIG first step!
and again…

A Special Hello and
Warm Welcome if you are …NEW to the TEAM!


Is this the first broadcast you’ve received from me?

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I could really use your help to answer a very IMPORTANT
question for me…

“What exactly is it that YOU NEED from me in
order to help you finally succeed??”

Please hit reply and let me know.
I look forward to hearing from you soon

Non-Stop to the Top!

Mario Salerno




–Mario Salerno
Blessings to you & yours…




COPY of Mr. SMITH’s  reply
(The Name Has been Changed to keep my New friend’s

information Private)

Hello there Mr. Smith 

U have a created a capture page, but not the right one

Lets hookup on skype so we can talk …I can show you a few tricks 
and get you moving

Hope you don’t mind taking one for the team..
I would like to share this email with the them,

I think will it help bless a few, in fact if we could help 

 change just 1 life for the better, it would be worth it
..i’m sure you agree

I really do want to help you succeed in marketing your 4 Corners business…
The best way, for me help you do that, to help you get a hold of an idea. 

Your almost there mate …You’re doing the right stuff !

I don’t know, maybe even ..some fb posting, blogging,
sharing youtube etc ..right ?

Mr. Smith, really, you are just one mind set away, 1 little
“method idea” away from having a Giant Leap, 

If I can help you to add this one (1)  idea into your
Mental Arsenal -Your mindset; BAM!!!

First though, you’ve got to want it, 

Next you’ve got to Own it – that means; control it,
protect it, and …take care of it

(see Psalm 118: 8,9)

U will make Money IF You use the funnel my Team 
put together for you.

Anyway, The idea is;  YOU OWN IT  

  • A system that YOU GET PAID -for using it
  • A system that YOU GET PAID -for sharing it
  • A system that YOU GET PAID -for others sharing it
  • A system that Builds YOUR OWN List – Your Own Personal Private List
    of Paid Customers 

and there ya go BAM!! 

You’ve Built a List AND All the while,
You Got PAID  because  “You Own it”  and the funnel to it.

YOU CAN OWN it man..  Hope YOU Get the idea 

The mindset is You’ve Got to “Own it”
Non-Stop to the top

Blessings to you and yours

With all do respect Mr. Smith, I would suggest
following through with creating opt-in pages that Build YOUR OWN LIST.

One YOU OWN -Without the fear or concern for YOUR LIST being cross
pitched for some other business 

I submit to you that you need to setup and prepare yourself for success, if you are expecting to get it

I do not teach, nor would I suggest to promote, building and/or marketing someone else’s list.

We don’t claim to promote your link, I DO Promote Your link
as will as 100’s of others… out of my own pocket

(If you want to go-in together on a side campaign – let me know)

I have no Idea as to who comes up next in the rotation.
please be thankful that you have 1 that was placed there via the rotator…
with more are on the way

My rotator is not the end all be all, as I would be given you a fish instead of teaching you HOW to fish.. 
though it will over time put people in your downline (especially now the glitch is fixed)
The funnel is designed to PAY YOU Commissions while your 4 corner business grows and provide a means of getting as much free traffic to your offer as possible

…however, you will get faster results if you finish setting up your funnel


Just thinking…

Mr. Smith, For respect and concern for those coming on-board
to those who GET PAID, for those who come in after them and
so on,

I’ll be glad to assist you on skype,
But at the same time, if your using some other system I have 

to remove you from my team’s rotator 

I will still be glad to help, time permitting just not in my team’s rotator. 
I hope you understand that…

After all …my desire is, that my Downlines, Downline GET PAID !!!

It’s “NON STOP TO THE TOP” for YOU …not just me

if your downline went and use some other gizmo how would U help them
and how would U get paid?

Lets get YOU Focused, and back on track to get YOUR OWN PAYING FUNNEL



On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 3:07 PM, Mr.Smith <http://Mr. Smith.Smith> wrote:


and hi five! 😉

I joined you and your team because you(?) and/or your upline in 4AC claim you promote my link.

Which is: You are my sponsor in 4AC.

I got one payed person in my downline, either from spill-over or someone in my upline promoting my link.

I made my own capture page:
http://something other than SPLASH PAGE WIAIRD=xxxxx

All the best.
Mr. Smith


One Decision Can – Change YOUR LIFE Forever
by Chris Elsom

$18.oo usd and the 4 Self’s

Self – Responsibility = YOU ARE THE VARIABLE

Self – Motivation ——— The Desire HAS to Come from the inside not outside

Self – Determination —   To Learn –  Apply – To Use – To Do Until – To Give it OUR Personal Best

Self – Functional ——      If we’re Self-Responsible – Self-Motivated – Self-Determined becoming  Self-Functional is virtually Automatic


The 2 KEY Factors that are going to AFFECT YOUR RESULTS are

  1. What You Bring to the table
  2. How CONSISTENTLY YOU TAP INTO THE SYSTEM = D.M.O. Daily Method Operation

You are the Variable – Why does person make 1 sale in a month  and another make 5 sales a day ?

The Products are the Same The System is the Same The Learning  Environment Is the Same

The ONLY Variable is US

We Must take the responsibility for were we are in our Business and FOR were WE are Not

Desire – Teach ability – Willingness – Attitude – Commitment – Vision

We are better Talking – Sharing – Showing – Exposing – Demonstrating our Business To 5-10 People a Day Every Day

Than 30 -50 People over the Weekend  or 1 person a day than 7 on 1 day a week Repetition is the Mother of Skill

The more WE Practice the right things to do in your Business and Life The Better We Become

One last thing i was Taught By my Friends and Mentors was Make up in Numbers What We Lack in Skills

So now let’s get on with it 18.00 usd 4corners 4 people and help them get 4

Through myself using this attitude im Exploding my list and Building a awesome Team it’s YOUR TURN to Take Action NOW

Using Our Simple Tools and SYSTEM

Non Stop To The Top

Chris Elsom

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