Today’s Topic; Where to Start – Pure Leverage Online Marketing 101

 If you are new to marketing online or
 if you have never made a dime online,
 you're in the right place!

My 1st Goal is to help keep you safe from
scams and getting ripped off, like I had… 

Pure Leverage is most likely …the Best Place
to start onlines .


To begin with PL or PureLeverage as it is known,
is a subsidiary of G.V.O. Global Virtual Opportunities,
a 16 year old “Top Notch Company” with
over 300,000 customers, they aren’t going away
anytime soon…   -And that’s good to know



There are ton’s of  business
opportunities and programs
online, But only a few include
ALL if any of marketing tools
that you’ll Actually Need to
Build YOUR OWN Online Business.

Pure Leverage Provides Top Notch Services
for new persons and Solutions for both small
to huge businesses.  Not to mention PL will
save you a ton of time and money.

There is no middle man with Pure Leverage,
so you get the best pricing available
Get Everything you’ll need for under $50.00 mo

With GVO and/or Pure Leverage, you’ll get All
The Tools Your Going To Need, “including” the
one’s you may not know about.


To Become Successful Online, You’ll Need
To Have Online Tools.

With Pure Leverage you can have them all the tools
you’ll need, in 1 place with 1 low price that can’t
be beat…

If you’ve tried, or are new to internet or wonder
if you can make a living Marketing online

Let me SHOW you a group of people doing it…

See for yourself How Everyday People Are
Making Money Online with the Money System

…Watch the video

ONLINE MARKETING 101 The tools you’ll need online…
Owning your own list… Why You Need to Build YOUR Own Email List.

No matter what type of income stream
you plan on using, 
you should always
build up your own email list to give you
access to your potential clients.

Just have a look at any successful
marketer in our industry and you 
see, that they all have their own email
list. The sooner you start 
building your
own list, the quicker you’ll start to make
serious money 



In order to build and manage an email list,
you’ll need an autoresponder. There are many
autoresponders out there like Aweber, GetResponse,
Constant Contact and of course Pure Leverage.

The autoresponder is one of the tools that you get as
a Pure Leverage 
Member… it’s The #1 MUST HAVE Tool,
of online business.

I’ve compared several autoresponders and the
delivery rate of PURE
LEVERAGE is one of the
best… and can easily compete with expensive

ones like Aweber or GetResponse


Lead Capture Page’s, (AKA Squeeze page)

Another Must Have Tool, is a Lead Capture, Landing
page , Opt-in, or s
queeze Page as they’re often times
called. You’ ll use these “Lead 
Capture Page”

to attract & collect new subscribers, in-order to get
(subscribers) into your email list, the more
the better.

You will need some type of page where people can
enter their 
name and email address to subscribe to
your list. One way to 
do this is by using a squeeze

Squeeze pages are very simple one page websites,
that provide just 2 options for the visitors; either to
leave the squeeze page, or to signup to your invite/offer.
In turn they will be added to Your email’s mailing list.

A good opt-in squeeze page (combined with a good
traffic sources) can convert your visitors into signups!


Lead Capture and Traffic 

There are as many Traffic Sources for list building,
as there are squeeze pages.

Enrolling in  Pure Leverage thru my link or by
subscribing to my list you will Get Bonus’s and my
experience should you have any questions.


There are several ways to create your own squeeze
pages; Pure Leverage provides you with customizable
squeeze pages which are automatically connected to
your Pure Leverage autoresponder, making it easy to get
set up. You can literally get started in minutes  ..or

You can Build Capture Pages From Scratch, using a
HTML editor and then host them on your own domains


Training and education

No matter if you are just starting out or if you are
already earning 
an income online, you’ll need to
educate yourself with continued 
education, in order
to become better and better with your marketing

PureLeverage Private training “shows you” how to build up
your own 
email list and and how to generate an income
access to 3 weekly LIVE Webinars and all the
pre recorded 
Video & pdf. training that you can sink your
teeth into.


More Tools

There are many more tools inside your PureLeverage
office that I haven’t even mentioned yet.

You’ll get access to 
them all, from your own Private
Webinar rooms, Hosted blog, Customized sales
funnels and a Lot more.

PureLeverage is a program that I would use even
if they didn’t have 
an income opportunity available…
(reseller for less than $20.mo)..


Check it out => Take it for a test Drive
and Blessings To You & Your



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