A Tip for Newbie Affiliate and MLM Marketers, Buyer Beware

Okey, so you like the internet, and would like to earn money online…

As a newbie marketer, the first question is most often; where or how do I
start? If there is one thing I have learned, it is that there is no one way to
market online.

My title “BUYER BEWARE” is not about, buyer’s being careful over the
purchase of a potentially harmful product, but rather to motivate new
marketers, not to become buyers themselves.

I submit to to you, that ALL successful marketers think of themselves as
marketers, not as a buyer.  Marketers new and old alike should to commit
themselves to marketing, and selling quality products or services and abstain from
become a BUYER.

To own or start any business requires some investment thats a given, but
the goal is to keep as much money as you can in Your Pocket!

.SIDE NOTE: To market anything online, be it a MLM, Products, or Services
I HIGHLY Recommend; GVO’s Pure Leverage, Host then Profit or GoDaddy
there are many other out there. I use these because they are easy and the best
..they pay me very well) 

Anyway, as a marketer you want to establish in your own mind and the
minds of others, that you are a “Seller”. Maintain the network marketing
mindset/or moto that is “People Pay You to sell their product.

Venders who see you as a marketer of a product or service, should Gladly
GIVE you a copy (or at least a sample) of whatever product or service they are
wanting you to sell. Every manufacture Needs Affiliates/Sales people to get
the word out about their product and /or their service,

A vender (in my opinion) should always want to GIVE you their products to try
out or test, in exchange for your review, and IF you (the affiliate marketer) like it, if
and the product pass’s YOUR tests, (then) you can agree to sell THEIR product to the
public and other affiliates by sharing the results of your review. (often called a
“Case Study”)

As an Affiliate or MLM Marketer Beware! Beware of your surroundings
If you always have to pay in order to sell, you my friend, have become a
buyer. But, fear not, its never to late to change.

… Affiliate marketing is quite simple, and success can be obtained by doing the following;

  • Find out what is selling online
  • Get access and permission to sell what is selling online
  • Get in front people who are buying whats is selling online.
  • Collect a commission.

When I got into marketing, I got into it to make money, and in a quest to
learn how to Make money online, I got sucked into becoming a BUYER.

YEP… instead of making money, I was busy spending it on programs, systems
and training that promised to make me money and I caused financial hardship for
my family. When you are busy buying your not selling.

My advice to a new internet marketers is to “BEWARE” of becoming a
BUYER!  ..Beware of savvy marketers, who take note that “you have
opted into a “HOW TO” Anything list.

…here is why
You’ll likely opt into a list that claims to “hates spam” and they promise not to
your name or email, but the reality is a word play
The word Share VS Exchange.

Exchanging or List Swapping” is somehow different than sharing.
…so, please be careful. I sometimes wonder how this world got to be
so slimey, but it is what it is.

It is unfortunate that a promises not share your name, can mean they exchange it and
not only your name and mail, but  most likely more, much more, like what you bought, when
you bought it, your IP address, phone and your whatever else they can get ahold of
…the list go’s on, all the way to your google profile, via  “NOT SHARING”.

Thanks for reading, hope this helps and Again, Buyer Beware

Oh, and if you are looking to make some real money online,
You will want to watch this video…

Enjoy every moment, and I’ll see you, on the TOP!

I hope you got something out of my arcitial, to the point of Liking and Sharing it with those you care about. …Thanks your passing it on


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