How to become an Amazon Affiliate Marketer, step by step

“Today’s Topic…
How to become an Amazon Affiliate, step by step”
Please see the steps & Video below…

 On The Air  with Mario P.

On The Air with Mario P.



“An Affiliate Short”
 by Mario P. Salerno




What is a Affiliate Marketer? * In a nutshell, an Affiliate marketer
is someone who markets and sell’s “someone else’s” product(s) or
services”; for a commission (sometimes resudule) .

Why, would I, want to be an Affiliate Marketer?
* No Cost – All that is needed to be an Affiliate; is an email
address, and legal information for payment.

* Sell it and forget it, an affiliate only sells. Affiliate’s do not
deal with; customer service, merchant accounts, product
upgrades & updates, maintenance, replacements, shipping
or have any customer contact, other than the point of sale…
(unless, the affiliate is also the product   owner/vender).

Can a Affiliate Marketer Make Money, and How do I Get Started?
* Yes, an Affiliate marketers can make a LOT of Money.
The amount one earns as a Affiliate can be calculated
mathematically.  So, the sky is the limit you can make
a lot or a little * How much money you make will vary,
depending on high or low level’s… The higher the
number of potential product views, the more sales
you will have.

* Getting started is easy… just apply You will need,
a internet connection, an email address, and a bank account.
Go to the bottom of most any product page, and look for the
word Affiliate and follow their instructions. (if agree with their
terms great, if not, move on, and find a product / a Co. with fair

Below are some step by step ScreenShots and a Youtube video…
So that you can “SEE” How To become a Affiliate Marketer with Amazon.

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Further BELOW is a YouTube Video, How to become a affiliate and

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Step1 use my affiliate and Go, Scroll down to the bottom of the page
find affiliate link to sign up for your own free Amazon  affiliate code my username is
“YOUR Biz tools”

Step 2 see ScreenShot.. follow directions and fill out your information. 


Step 3 Fill out the info. with Amazon Affiliate         Step 4 Get you Links & Banners account;
confirm and log-in – out and back in.                         See ScreenShot


Step 5 Last Step…
Post your affiliate Amazon Links & Banners all over the place! …and THAT’S IT!

I Know You Are Going To BE BLESSED… Please Acknowledge  WARNING! 
and Note: The ScreenShots I Took for you, are sufficient  to understand & do
the steps. (watch/listen to video below at your own risk, not for kids)

WARNING; I Personally love this guy (in spite of his personal views vs mine and his
I have learned a ton from him for free on YouTube. Though I do not endorse
his personal views

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Today’s Topic is an instruction Video “How to Make Money with Amazon step by step”        

Hope you Enjoy The Video!

   TO YOUR Success!
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Mario P Salerno
A GVO Pure Leverage, VIP Member

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