The POWER OF 4 Marketing Funnel – Building Your Own List

Today’s Topic; Building Your Own List -Using The POWER OF 4  Funnel 

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Marketing Funnel

The POWER OF 4  Marketing Funnel is designed to help you quickly and easily build your own responsive List of PAID Subscribers because – The Money Really is in YOUR OWN LIST…

To promote affiliate programs, MLM’s, and other business, you’ll need to advertise, thats a given…  One of the many ways to advertise is Using “OP’s”.

Op’s are “Other Peoples” systems and list,  AKA Safelist & Traffic Exchanges. While I do use Safelist & Traffic Exchanges to reaching millions with my ad, I NEVER make a offer with out getting their email and name in exchange..

Do to a sick economy, a great many people desiring success online online. It’s sad that some 96% of all professing online marketers, have never made a dime online.

WHY do 96% of all online marketers fail? 
You will fail online if, you don’t have a proven system to build your own list!  A list you own control and protect.

If all you do, is promote to sell…Whatever!!  You will fail.  To have On-going Success, you need to own a List of buyers

Working to making money online is easy, but it is still work. It take a bit of time to get yourself setup to succeed

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Great offer (note; I promote my team’s downline..if you don’t see my name
No Worries.. Please join under the person whos name appears.

Great Capture pages

Great Campaign tools 

Hot Traffic to your Great Offer


Experience the Feeling of..
Making Money online!

HOW …Easy
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Use A Proven System, Because
 …Failing to Plan IS Planning to fail. 


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YOUR FIRST GOAL is for you to OWN your OWN your List.

A List you Created YOU OWN, Control and Protect.

You want a have a HUGE List, because THE MONEY is in YOUR LIST

One of the best ways to build a list, is using a Sales & Marketing Funnel… A Great Funnel, that Pays & Promotes YOU, YOUR Funnel & YOUR Great offer

You will want to make YOUR FUNNEL – The Most Powerful… The Most Affordable with The Highest Quality as possible,

because, YOUR MONEY is in YOUR LIST

Ready set ..Let’s Rock ..get in it to win it here => 


Work with Mario

 My main focus today is to teach, teachable people 

 HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN Responsive Email  List, using YOUR  OWN Tools and management  system.
One of the easiest ways for me to help you is with the use of Skype.

Each member of my team receives my Skype name. Skype help me, to help point guide and direct you – via screen share…
Skype is free and world wide and easy to use, but Most of all it provides us the ability to share our computer screens for visual training.

You will EARN AS You Learn by Doing… Hands on training is No Doubt the FASTEST WAY to Success!


..I’m Here 2 Help


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