Make Millions today because the “Yellow Pages” are DEAD!!

Today’s Topic; Make Millions today because the “Yellow Pages” are DEAD!!
TODAY – The Media is you! You Are Global Advertisers…See More on today’s topic below…

"I Can Make Millions and You Can Make Millions 
"because" the Yellow Pages are DEAD!!"  ...How? 

TODAY – The Media is you! You Are Global Advertisers .
It’s “Your Fingers Doing the Walking on the Magic Keyboard
or should I say, Keypad, like what you have on your phone.

Some of us are old enough to remember the old Yellow Page
jingle “Let your fiegers do the walking through the Yellow

…With that being said’ When was the last time you physical
opened a copy of the Yellow Pages Phonebook.

Honestly, I think the last time I opened a physical copy of the
Yellow Pages was about.5-6 years ago
Folks, We ARE The New Yellow Pages!

Now-a-days we; Tweet, we share on Facebook, Linkedin, we
Post Blogs, we Pin on Pintrest, and send photos on Instagram and
on Google, Bing, and Yahoo…

You and me “We Are and Can Be The Next Yellow Pages”
-Mario Salerno

As I looked at the subject line in my email inbox,
I couldn’t help but notice, the one in Bold, that SHOUTED OUT
Opportunity At the Death of Something or Someone’s Dream
the Yellow Page man has gone, bye bye…

The subject line read…
“Make Millions today “because” the “Yellow Pages” are DEAD!!”
(you can see a copy of the email I re-sent from Joel below)

I thought, Every Business, Small business,
Corporate and even Home Based business owners
know that the yellow pages are dead.   …Right?

It’s sad that in today’s “DONE FOR YOU WORLD” Many small
businesses still waste money, a lot of money on yellow pages. Think
about it, when was the last time you looked for business in the
(Offline) or on yellow pages?

We need small business to succeed in America, if we want our children
to grow up independent of slavery jobs.  If we don’t do something, the middle
class is a gone’re. I think a lot of the middle class crises has to do with small
business failure.

When I ask why to those who have lost their business, (I personally know
more than a few)
I mostly hear “Not enough business” and Advertising
was and is just to expensive. There is no way I can compete with the
large corporation advertising.

I would then ask, how much business did you get from online?
Answer; you guessed it,  a big fat “NONE”, zero, nadda, zilch, zip.
In fact, most all of them had online issues, no websites or no monetization.

As a success business owner, I know the difference between “marketing”
and operating a business.

If you are both operating and managing a staffed online or offline business,
your hands are full. It’s totally Understandable, …I get it

there is just not enough time in the day for, Web and Media Setup.
It is those very businesses (many of them old schoolers) that are failing
Simply because times have changed…  The way to market has changed

Considering a Career Helping Out the Small Business in your town could
make you Millions.  …NO JOKE “Millions”

See How On a LIVE Webinar Nov. 25th at 8pm EST => How to make millions from local businesses in your back yard!


Every Small business owner MUST Get Online or Power Up their Online Presences
for success, when I ask Google to find my a business like yours, does your
business name come up?

You will Most Likely be Putting up a Sign on the door soon that reads
Closed Out of Business

Below is a copy of the email, Subject;

The “Yellow Pages” are dead! You know it, I know it and
small businesses know it..

The email…

The problem is most small businesses are now clueless!!


Completely clueless on how to market their business and that
creates HUGE opportunities for Online Marketers like you and I!!

Two of the country’s largest yellow pages companies
filed for prepackaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy on In
March 2013, hoping to emerge as a single company by July.

The two companies, SuperMedia (SPMD) and Dex One
(DEXO), announced their merger plans last summer
and hope to save as much as $175 million a year
as a result of combining their operations.

So what is causing these bankruptcies?

The internet.. or more specifically Google and Facebook!!

Here is the massive opportunity!

Small businesses are busy running their small business
and in the past their “Yellow Pages” sales rep would
come by once a year to renew the contract.

Done.. “Set and forget” buy your yellow pages ad and
forget it for another year!


You see..

Businesses know they need a website and a way to market
that website, but they are CLUELESS and DO NOT have the
time or energy to learn how to do it!

A small business owner MUST advertise online now
because quite frankly their lively hood depends on it!

How would you like to:

  • with zero online marketing skills cash in on this HUGE
  •  how would you like to have thousands of small
    businesses paying you to do their online marketing
    for them every month! (you do not even do the work)
    you are just a middleman!!
  • learn 3 simple skills necessary to get small businesses
    calling you begging you to help them market online?


Imagine if you could have hundreds and if not thousands
of local businesses calling you to do their online marketing
and (drum roll) here is the best part!

You do not even have to do the work!

There are thousands of people worldwide that you can
“outsource” the work to!

So it would look like this:


  • A local business contacts you for online marketing services
  • You outsource the work elsewhere to someone else
  • You get PAID the difference every single month!


Joel Therien and Eric Louviere are true experts and pioneers when it comes
to Marketing for Local Businesses.

Joel has held over 500 small businesses as local clients for over
15 years!!

Eric Louviere built a marketing business out of Austin that did over
40 million per year in the local market!!


Smart people see trends and opportunities!


And you can cash in on it!

Enough said, if you want to make MILLIONS in your local area
then register for this webinar today!

Tuesday November 24th 2014 at 8pm Eastern


How to make millions from local businesses in your back yard!

Even if you can not make it be sure to register because then
we can send you the recording of the webinar later!

Its time to make a killing, its time to go “local”

See you on the webinar!

Mario P Salerno With YOUR Biz Tools
–Mario XXX
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