How to Advertise using Facebook

Today’s Topic; How to  Advertise using FacebookAdvertising Your Free Facebook Posts.  Video- Part One  …See below

I am Not a Social Media Guy, nor do I personally like facebook, …but there are a lot of people on my team, who are crushing it using the facebook method…

This post is intended to help those who are lacking in results and enjoy spending their precious time using Facebook… and for those who are seeking an affordable means to promote your offer …again using facebook.

Joel Therien is the Founder and CEO of GVO & PureLeverage… I have been working with Joel for the past 3 years now and I can tell you …first hand that, Joel is the real deal. Joel has taught me alot over the years…

I think one of the best Awe-Ha moments I had experienced  is  “if you are chasing money you will fail”

In fact, it is a fact that most marketers rarely last more than a few years and they rarely make more than a few bucks.
Why? Because they chased money!

VERY IMPORTANT!!  If you want to build a real business online ..Find your niche and HELP PEOPLE with it!

Zig Ziglar said it best “YOU Can have anything YOU want in life IF ..YOU are willing to HELP enough other people get WHATEVER it is ..that They want”

Our Team and I desire to be here online to provide a you solutions in any one or all of the following ways..

* To help point guide and direct you towards obtaining YOUR goals and dreams.

* To provide tools & services that every successful person needs, in order to succeed on or offline.

* To ensure the tools you use work .. and even pay you to use them (after all it’s a media world) 

* To provide Live 1 on 1 training Via Skype or when online my live video cam above

* To provide personal live on 1 train financial

IF You Like Facebook and are seeking to promote your offers on facebook..
Enjoy the Free Training Video Below  form Joel Therien

Non-Stop to the TOP!!
Again …Enjoy!!!

Advertising Your Free Facebook Posts Part One.

(If the video buffers please pause the video for 1 minute and then hit play again)


Step 1. Test your engagement by posting for free on your own Facebook wall. Remember provide WIIFM (Whats in it for me) education. Promoting a direct link to your product or service will never work. Promote YOU!

Step 2. If you find that people are liking your post and engaging in your post then go and create a fan page on Facebook.

Step 3. Now share your post on your fan page. Then pay to promote it. Make sure you have a simple and clear call to action to a lead capture page.

Step 4. Keep an eye on how many leads you get. Never pay more than $3.00 per lead.

The ad that did very poorly at 31 cents per engagement can be found here

The ad that did extremely well at only .05 cents per engagement can be found here


You will see in the second ad that did well I provide a lot more great education that provides VALUE to the person watching

–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO

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