Getting Started Online

Are you new to internet marketing, or advanced but not getting results?

In today’s post, I would like to share with you a couple of easy and FREE training sites. Not only are they free to join, but you can make money using them.

Both advanced and beginner marketers can take advantage of the training that has been made available at Your Eight Steps and Facebook Fan Pages.

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Your Eight Steps or (akaYES) is a site that teaches beginners the “How” and “Why” they should build a list, in Eight Easy Steps.  YES was a tremendous help for me when I decided to stop spending money to get results and learn “how to” start making money online.

I had spent 2 years and a ton of money buying so called “marketing tools” in hopes of making money online and yet I had never made a dime.

After joining YES for FREE, I spent just few hours going over the training and had made money in just a couple of days. I learned things like; what is a autoresponder, what is a lead capture page and how to connect them together, how and where to market (promote) those pages in order to build a list.

Talk about Excited, not only did I made money, something I had never done before, but I also started building a list. Sure at the time it was a small list, but it was my list…

I can not express the feelings and joy I felt when I saw in my mailbox for the first time that I had …opt-ins (new subscribers) new members, and signups (payments) to my PayPal, Payza and Solid Trust Pay accounts. It was simply, fantastic!


Next up; Facebook Fan Pages… Fan Pages can be a little challenging to start out if you don’t already have a “lots” of fans.

This Facebook Fan Page has thousands of fans all with the mindset to not only make money online, but also to help each other to do the same.   This group mostly use GVO’s Pure Leverage Tool Suite.

While you don’t have to use GVO or Pure Leverage tool suite to join, I highly recommend that you take a look.  The HUGE group of likeminded marketers in this facebook group helps makes this work, even for beginners… 
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Just Click HERE to say yes. Jump in now, while it’s still FREE!


If your not having FUN & Making Money…your missing out..



News;   B EPIC  Just launched on 11/11/2016  …in 180 Countries!

Your going to love this NEW and REALLY AMAZING Health and Wellness ProductThe foundation of B-Epic’s mission – and commitment – is to boost the quality of people’s health and well-being (and thereby adding more epic-ness to their lives) through enhanced supplementation.

Non-Stop to the TOP!

–Mario Salerno




Permanent Advertising, Is It Real?

Today’s Topic; Permanent Advertising Is It Real?


We All know that In today’s online market, Advertising is The Number One Commodity Online!!

Every single business or person that is trying to make money online needs traffic, without it, they are all dead in the water! Getting your Ad seen is vital for online success…But the real question here is, does permanent advertising really exist?

The Answer is a HUGE yes! …In fact, if your not careful even things you don’t want to advertised leave tracks online.

Now days, most everything online is permanent, so the real question for the marketer seeking advertising really should be; can and will my ad give me Permanent “Targeted Traffic”.

A lot of money is spent and made online in the advertising market.  If you can find a place to advertise, a place that gives you good results, month after month, you would then most likely pay month after month to keep advertising there.

In the past, it has been a dream for most marketers and businesses to pay for an ad just one time, ..IF you owned a site that received tons of traffic, you could do that by placing an ad on your own site. However, most businesses and marketers do not have a traffic generating site and therefore are forced to pay month after month after month for advertising.

IF you could get REAL TARGETED TRAFFIC “Permanently” with a just a one time payment, that truly would be a dream come true, ..wouldn’t it?

Well, LEASED AD SPACE (aka LAS) …Claims to do just that! …It’s level 1 Ad package is a onetime payment of just $7 and the traffic to your ad is PERMANENT! …In addition to LAS’s claims to deliver Hot Traffic to your ad’s offer, LAS is a 8 x 7 Forced Matrix Advertising Platform, and LeasedAdSpace is Not a RevShare, so no clicking ad to get seen is necessary.

For just $ 7.00 you get…

  1. Text Ads
  2. Banner Ads
  3. Email Marketing/Solo ads
  4. A Public Profile Page
  5. A personal blog where you can post your own unique content (coming soon)
  6. Search Engine Traffic, Through Our Classified Ad Directory (coming soon)

The Cat is out of the bag…Simply share LAS with others and You can make 100% commissions off of 7 different levels of traffic packages.  

And all commissions are paid instantly to you, with no middle man.

In my personal opinion

 LeasedAdSpace is the kind is a advertising, that every business & marketers has dreamed about

A …My Paying Ads REVIEW!

Does “My Paying Ads” Really Pay?

Every business online wants MORE TRAFFIC to their website,

...And there is a TON of places’s online, that promise to send real traffic to you ad/pages, but the question is…do they?

Well, the truth is, that some do and some …LIE. Some take your hard earned cash, leave you with Zero results.

About 2 months ago, I joined My Paying Ad’s to advertise my opt-in pages and build my list.

I agreed to click on ten banner ads per day (I do it 6 days a week, and it takes about 10 minutes each time) 

I started with 20 $1.00 Ad packs and it was (TOTALLY worth IT) 

I have gotten both new subscribers, sales AND… 
In Addition to that, I earned $577.62 from those Ad packs
Talk about easy… 

If your an online entrepreneur looking for leads and/or sales for your programs or products? 

Look no further, My Paying Ads is the solution!

My Paying Ad’s offers revenue sharing on ad pack purchases which brings a two-fold benefit to you.

Join Now… to use My Paying ADS to GET PAID to Build Your List… I do